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BIW Solutions
Validate and Optimize the Process
  • The simulation team analyzes alternate scenarios to identify a process with optimum cycle times. By simulating robot motions during design, the team verifies whether the robots will be able to achieve the required motions without interference and arrive at a realistic cycle time and throughput.

Validate and Optimize the Tools
  • The simulation team validates and ensures that EOAT designs are suitable for all robot tasks and associated equipment. All necessary tooling and robot attachments go through multiple design iterations based on simulation validation of gun access in/out, gripper access in/out, robot payload, robot reachability, tool access, clearance, swept volume, etc.

Validate and optimize Plant Layout
  • Layout of systems can significantly impact overall cycle time. The simulation team uses Robotic simulation to determine workcell layouts with optimal placement of peripheral equipment such as fence, floor tracks, light screens, etc. Different factors such as work points, cycle time constraints, reachability and interference are taken into consideration, while designing the layout.